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DPE provides all of the services required for commercial clients and by performing much of the work in-house, DPE keeps costs as low as possible for clients.




Serving Southern Arizona Since 1979.

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DPE Construction, Inc.

DPE Construction (DPE) has been an integral part of Yuma, Arizona, and surrounding areas since its inception in June of 1979. Initially, the company provided engineering and surveying services to private sector clients and various government agencies in Arizona and California. Then in the late 1980’s, DPE added construction to its list of services. Today DPE is in its fourth decade of providing quality services to its customers and is focusing its work on either new construction or the upgrading of existing facilities.

With a staff of approximately 100 employees, DPE Construction Inc. currently self performs several different types of heavy civil construction.  With a fleet of Super 16 dump trucks, end dumps, and bottom dumps, DPE provides trucking services to both its own operations and to outside customers.    DPE’s utility division installs water and sewer lines, irrigation pipe and stormwater drains.  Its concrete division performs a variety of tasks that includes installing curb and gutter, sidewalks, floor slabs, reinforced concrete structures, and tilt-wall buildings.  The paving and grading division performs construction (or reconstruction) of streets, as well as the paving and grading of new building sites and parking facilities.   

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Supplementing DPE’s construction work are three sister companies, Westmoor Electric. Inc, Pacific Steel, Inc, and DPE Materials, Inc. Westmoor Electric (WE) is a commercial electrical company that performs electrical work for new buildings and answers service calls for home and office repairs. It has another group of electricians that specialize in the installation of traffic signals and streetlights.

Pacific Steel Inc (PSI) fabricates and installs structural steel for new buildings and car shades. It installs roof joists and metal roof decking and fabricates i.e., cuts and bends, rebar for both DPE and its outside customers. PSI erects metal buildings and is a dealer for Varco Pruden (VP) buildings.

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DPE Materials, Inc produces aggregate products that range in size from golf course sand to rip-rap and boulders. Its asphalt plant produces hot-mix asphalt that has been used for city and county street projects, state highways, and military airport runways. DPE Materials has been a leader in recycling old concrete and asphalt into materials suitable for use as a base beneath new pavements. Most recently, the company has become a producer of cold mix products for the filling of potholes.

Overall, DPE has the technical know-how, experience, equipment, and other resources to finish each of its projects on time and within budget. When the company’s reputation for integrity is added, the result is the equation of:  EXPERIENCE + RESOURCES + INTEGRITY = SUCCESSFUL PROJECT. DPE has been proving this formula works for over forty years!

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